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Koide technology.
Into the next phase of metal molding.

The demand for the product design by 3D-CAD has nowadays been a matter of manufacturing line itself as every product is naturally, 3-D. We have developed the advanced molding system by our CAD/CAM device which can directly connect 3-D data with manufacturing line, and by improving the centralized data-managing system with Intranet. Koide technology sets metal molding into the next phase: innovation is our solution.

The advanced Intranet service provides
unification and communization of information.

Our Intranet system displays its ability at product development and informing.
With Internet, we get rapid communication with our clients and acquaintances.

After the days of introducing computing system to each division for each efficiency, now the digitized data is unitarily managed for more communized and activated usage. We completed our Intranet system in 1997 and every computer is linked with our network. In the development division, the network system sends CAD data directly from technical room to manufacturing line and controls NC machines. Also, the manufacturing machines can receive the data by Multi DNC System. In the general division, product managing division, quality control division and the president room. For daily communication with our clients and acquaintances, e-mail is used for exchanging several data and information, such as product specifications and manufacturing schedule. Our rapid approach to informative systems based on Intranet shows our advancement.

It's exciting to give form by 3-D CAD:

Want to get my skill improved soon. I am at the first year in the company and I operate CAD machine with guided by my seniors. Though the most of my past is assistant job, I feel it's very exciting to operate 3-D CAD machine with drawings and my imagination. Now, I want to get used to this place and job soon, and get my skills improved.

From the perfection of 3-D CAD,
we achieved highly accurate mold manufacturing.

Fully equipped with high quality,
high accuracy and flexible correspondence 3-D CAD,
we are at the head of mold manufacturing.

Formally, the most general process of mold manufacturing was from wooden models. In 1993, we changed the whole modeling process into 3-D CAD for higher quality and lower manufacturing cost, though we had already managed highly accurate molding technology by NC machine by the time.

Our mold manufacturing with 3-D CAD, the quality has been more precise ever than before, as our technical division's PC operation practicing has been more accurate, moreover, this system allows flexible response to design modification by its complete data-preservation.

We have now completed our 3-D CAD system for all process of mold manufacturing including parting surface, and from now, with improving our system, we make our effort to manage more immediate and lesser-processed mold manufacturing.

3-D CAD is profound:
Challenging next potentials from today repletion:

The predominance of 3-D CAD is not only from Its high-accuracy, but also From Its ability to show finishing images and to preserve data as profitable resources. After subjugated the difficulties of system operating, I feel my work more challenging. I'd like to try more variant modeling and explore the profound world of 3-D CAD.

The evolving molding technology
for advanced manufacturing.

The mold technology with 3-D CAM improves the advantage of CAD/CAM/CAE/CAT.
It shows you the future technology along with 3-D measuring machine and trial machine.

From the field of automobiles and motor cycles, the mold technology for advanced parts manufacturing has been more vital than ever. We continually produce more complex formed mold. Form data set by 3-D CAD, are also set as NC machining data and directly operated into molding process. This leads that we have better preciseness for manufacturing pass and attain safer and proper pass output. In result, it makes great strides on whole accuracy. Moreover, optimum manufacturing pass output, by achieving the standardization and rationalization of manufacturing conditions, improves the preciseness and efficiency of manufacturing. Improving our advanced technology by introducing the new CAE/CAT technology, with quality warranty by our internal test machine for die casting machine and low-pressure injection machine of our own, indicates the future molding.

Active work is my appreciation:
I like to display my part on our product line:

Everyday I feel filled up by my work on the product line because I always liked active work than desk work. Although I don't have many female colleagues at the place yet, I feel being trusted as they commit a machine to my care. I like to broaden my ability guided by my seniors' advice.

Rich environment sustains today's work,
opens up tomorrow.

Open environment for replete communication.

Our technical division, manufacturing line and managing division are all keeping fine daily communication, in our integrated head office, surrounded by rich and relaxing green for every worker.

The time off communion for relationship.

You can sport on our big athletic ground for time off relaxing. We constantly hold several attractions too, like bowling games or company trip, for improving cross-section relationship.

Go overseas, to Korea;
Koide technology spreads all around the world:

In 1990, we established KOIDE TECHNICA IND. Co., Ltd. the subsidiary in Korea as our first step of overseas expansion. The firm is aimed for introducing our advanced technology to Southeast Asia and the rest, and is a point to expand new manufacturing field.

KOIDE TECHNICA IND. Co., Ltd. manufactures mainly die casting, LP and cores. More specifically, the plant manufactures up to 1250 ton die casting, automobile head cylinders, from designing plan to manufacturing on the same process as Koide Co., Ltd using 3-D form based model manufacturing.

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